The Beauty of the Crown: Traditional African Headwraps

The Beauty of the Crown: Traditional African Headwraps

The Beauty of the Crown: Traditional African Headwraps

In honor of Black History Month, Megglam Boutique, the leading online retailer for traditional African clothing and accessories, is exploring the rich history behind traditional African headwraps.  

Continue reading to learn more about the symbolism behind wearing traditional African headwraps and where to purchase yours!

Since its origin in sub-Saharan Africa, the ritual of adorning your head with multi-colored fabric or wax prints serves to protect your hair from the harshness of the elements, helps to retain warmth, and even acts as a powerful mode of non-verbal communication that can signify modesty, spirituality, and societal status ( 

During the era of American slavery, however, black Americans were forced to wear headwraps as part of their enslavement. Over time, headwraps began to be worn in protest of oppressive norms and were eventually reclaimed as a source of cultural pride. 

Today, the popularity of headwraps has skyrocketed within the African diaspora and a demand for traditional African clothing stores and retailers has risen. This is where Megglam Boutique comes in. 

Founded in 2020 by Meggie HOUNYOVI, a fashion designer hailing from Benin, West Africa, Megglam Boutique aims to create modern, unique and original clothes and accessories for kings and queens around the world. Megglam Boutique’s headwraps are made from the highest quality material that is sourced directly from West Africa. 


Check out some of their staple pieces below.


The Sessi Headwrap

The Sessi headwrap features a dazzling vermillion and orange wax fabric and is made with 100% breathable cotton. The headwrap comes with matching style earrings. 



The Born to Shine Headwrap & T-shirt

The Born to Shine headwrap features a brilliant blue and pink fabric combination, and comes in a set featuring matching style earrings and matching style 100% cotton t-shirt. 



Shop with Megglam Boutique

In addition to luxurious headwraps, Megglam Boutique also sells dashikis (a loose-fitting pullover garment), kaftans (a robe or tunic), and unique accessories for him and her. Discover the beauty of African clothing today!


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