USA map necklace, stainless steel,gold color, for men and women
Queen Nefertiti
Queen Nefertiti necklace, gold color, stainless steel jewelry,women jewelry
Lion heart
Africa map necklace with lion and small white cristal at the bottom, gold color,stainless steel, women and men necklace, 45cm chain with pendant
Motherland necklace
Stainless steel, Africa map necklace,for women and men, stylish 45 cm chain with pendant  hypoallergenic no turning or fading for care avoid contact with chemicals, deodorant or perfume  McLean after sweat 
from $25.50
Unisex Ghana trade beads necklace
Add some Ghanian beauty to your look. Beautifully made necklace made from colored glass trade beads. 43" long.
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