African country map necklace
Represent your country and show your flag with our Stainless steel gold African country map necklace    chain are 45cm/17.7 inch long Unisex Stainless steel  Do not fade Do not tarnish   put away from chemical  clean after sweating  avoid...
Arm cuff
Arm cuff
Upgrade your style and outfit by adding our stainless steel arm cuff! Can be adjusted 
Small ligne Africa map necklace
Small gold stainless steel Africa map necklace, does not fade, does not tanish
Colorful beads bracelet
Add a touch of color to you outfits with this beautiful bracelet. This bracelet is  assorted of different colors of beads creating an unique design.
Queen Nefertiti ring
Vintage Double Coiled Egyptian Cross Rings For Women, queen Nefertiti ring, Couple Gold Ring Sliver Color Stainless Steel Ring Gothic Jewelry Bague
MeGGlam Togo necklace, stainless steel, cute chain with pendant, cute jewelry for man and women
Wood Africa map beaded necklace
Bead chain wood Africa map pendant 60cm long wide  free shipping 
Zeynab necklace set
Complet your traditional outfit with this beautiful set  necklace and bracelet set choker Gold stainless steel  durable free shipping 
Mama Africa choker and bracelets
Be the queen of the moment  with out gold sizable choker necklace with deux matching bracelets 
Big Africa heart earring
Sublime your ears with our beautiful stainless steel Africa map earrings
Plain color beads
Plain color beads 50 inch 
Glow in the dark beads
Resistant string  Glow in the dark beads  50inch
Red traditional headsets
Head accessories and two bracelets  one size fits all beads stretchy red color for wedding or traditional event  free shipping 
Head beaded accessory
Head accessories and two bracelets  one size fits all beads stretchy cream color for wedding or traditional event  free shipping 
Nigerian beaded traditional necklace
Step up your game with these traditional most wanted Nigerian necklace  necklace and bracelets  unisex perfect for your traditional wedding or events
Yellow Traditional necklace
Traditional necklace  glass bead necklace and bracelets  unisex free shipping 
Aya earrings
Express your Strength and feminine beauty with Aya earrings 
Zoro ring
Ring for man ajustable stainless steel free shipping 
Ankh necklace
Stainless steel  45cm long no fading  no turning hypoallergenic 
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