Big Africa heart earring
Sublime your ears with our beautiful stainless steel Africa map earrings
Aya earrings
Express your Strength and feminine beauty with Aya earrings 
Oversized brass Gye Nyame earrings
Represent your faith boldly with these Over-Sized Brass Gye Nyame Earrings. Gye nyame is an Adinkra symbol representing the omnipotence of God. These earrings showcase your beliefs in style. The brass color is sophisticated and brings elegance to an outfit,...
Small African map earrings
Slay with this cute and small African map earrings 
Awa earrings
Stand out with these gold plated stainless steel earrings! come in gold and silver
Mask on earrings
Mask & Brass Disc Earrings lets you take a bit of African style with you. Each earring has a hammered brass disc at the top with a small African mask carved in dark bone underneath it. Made In Kenya 
Massaï earrings
At a touch of light to your outfit with these colorful handmade beaded earrings! 
Africa map earring
get stylish with our beautiful Africa map stainless steel earrings
from $15.00
Africa map earrings
Wood earrings, Africa map., colorful
Bella earrings
Tropical wood earrings, authentic and original
Flora earrings
Beautiful tropical colorful earrings made with cotton, eye candy, great for summer 
Rosita earrings
Tropical vibes, colorful, made with cotton, these earrings can go on anything you wear to kiss the sun 
Wood earrings
Slay with this beautiful and colorful earrings, made with woods to bring a touch of glamour to your outfit 
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