About Megglam

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Founded in 2020, MEGGLAM BOUTIQUE is a dream come true of an African American woman from Benin who wanted to express and share her love for fashion and her culture through her unique designs.


Hello! My name is Meggie HOUNYOVI. I'm a young fashion designer from Benin, West Africa. I started MEGGLAM BOUTIQUE because I wanted to make African clothing available for to the diaspora, help people that are interested in afrocentric clothing and accessories to have somewhere to shop at affordable price, get their products quickly and have a wide range variety and choice. I believe every clothes we wear, the way we dress, each color we put on is an expression of ourselves and that is why my brand Slogan is Be you; Wear you! 





First and foremost we want to make wax print clothing accessible to the diaspora.

Show the world that wax print is not only for one race or ethnicity or certain category of people, we want to make wax print clothing accessible to many around the world.

*We are in America and we all know that time is money. People are busy. The traditional way of getting wax print clothing is to buy your fabric, pick a design and go to a seamstress or fashion designer to sew it. That can take weeks to months before you get the clothes and is expensive.

We want people to save time and money by creating a space for them where they  can go and shop quickly at affordable price, have option to pay little by little with (Klarna, Afterpay or Quadpay) and have a wide range  of choice and get it deliver to them in a manner of time .

*Wax print can be incorporate in our daily life, gym, church, errands , wedding, vacation, pool ,school, office etc…

We are making cute simple designs for men, women and kids, all size, using different type of wax fabrics( silk, satin, stretchy ,cotton, polyester, etc) mixed with plain colors fabric so that people can feel comfortable to wear them everywhere they want to go.

* We want to provide the best quality.

There is a lot of contrefait nowadays. People buy their clothes but it doesn’t last. We create and order most of our products from Africa where things are originally made and sell  ( Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Kenia, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast) directly from artisans. Doing so, we are giving back to the community, creating jobs and by the same time assuring quality to our customers here. 

 * We want to bring awareness around talents in black community and African fashion industry by shooting documentary, YouTube videos about the story of wax print, how it's made and the meaning of some of the symbols on it.There are  a lot of immigrants in America, by doing so people will get to knows more about us, our culture and connect more with us.

*We want to build factories in Usa and in Africa where we will manufacture our products, by doing so we will create jobs, help families to live well and by the same time have much control over our designs quality, production, shipping and quantity. 

*I want this brand and all his dynamic, my hard work and my success to inspire the younger generation to always fight with determination and consistency for their dreams.

 *At last I want this brand to give me opportunity to build schools and create my own foundation where I can help orphans. 

Our designs can be worn by everyone and for any occasion.

Everything you buy from this store push us closer to our goal.

Thank you for being an hero today.


                           CHOOSE YOU NOW, WEAR YOU!!